The Artist

Alisa Lis

In Lewis Carroll's famous fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, nature is a magical world. Talking animals, gigantic flowers… everything is possible. Alice's story still lives on, for some just a little more than others. Alisa Lis translates her favorite children's book in a very special way. Her gigantic flower sculptures seem to come straight from the dream world of Alice in Wonderland.


Out of a great love for flowers, Alisa started working as a florist and decorator after her university education. In 2017 Alisa moved to Amsterdam. Here she developed an interest in working with paper and textiles to further shape her creative ideas. She makes meter-high flower sculptures under the Fox & Bloem label. These are mainly used as artistic decorations for special occasions and locations. 


By using different techniques, Alisa creates wonderful replicas of nature. The most important step is painting the petals; she likes to use lots of colourful tones to make the flowers look vibrant and realistic. This artisanal craft leads to true works of art. It's like Wonderland comes to life!